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Construction | Sycamore Resort ----------------------
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Primeland Development provides you with information about the construction so you can rest easy as we work for you! 



Project start

Approval of Sycamore Orlando Resort


Sales Start

Sales officialy started in January 2019



The Vertical Construction is estimated to March 2020


Sycamore Orlando Resort

By the end of 2021 the expectation is that the resort will be fully operating.

Youtube channel

Primeland will create a YouTube channel in the second semester. You will always find photos of the construction and videos. You will feel that you are here with us in Orlando daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to build each stage of Sycamore Resort?

Thanks to the adopted construction technology the works of Sycamore Resort will be quickly completed. The buildings will be built in about 10 months.

Will the Sycamore Club be delivered in the first phase?

Yes, The Sycamore Club with all its leisure facilities will be delivered at the opening of the Sycamore Resort in March 2021.

Who’s the Engineer?

The Engeneering company in charge is Jordan Companies a renowed company in Florida.

How can a building be delivered in just 10 months?

Each tower has 62 residential units on average. The technology used of prefabricated slabs make the construction safe and agile. In just a few weeks all the towers will be erected, leaving only the internal finishing to be completed.

Will the construction only start when the units are sold out?

No, the construction begin as soon as the contractor’s planning for the execution of the work is in sync with the bank’s schedule, then the contractor is able to begin the fabrication of the concrete slabs.

Does the construction already start?

Technically yes, somewhere far from the ground. Through the technology adopted, the materials will already arrive ready in the work, the construction of these hundreds of plates are already in pre-fabrication.